Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan

ShahrukhkiSaliyaan – Episode 10: Ramsha Khan Wins Hearts All Over with her Portrayal of Anoushay

By AmnaNaseem

7th Sky Entertainment’s drama serial ‘Shahrukh ki Saliyaan’ released its 10th episode tonight and it was loaded with fun, laughter, jealousy, and trouble in Shahrukh’s life. Starring Ahsan Khan as Shahrukh opposite Ramsha Khan as Anoushay, ShahrukhkiSaliyaan is a light and refreshing rom-com that airs every Sunday on Geo Entertainment.

Ramsha Khan, who is portraying the role of Anoushay looks like she is nailing it with her performance. A rising star of the industry, Ramsha Khan debuted in 2017 and has been known for doing unconventional and diverse roles in her dramas. He has definitely become a favorite among all the audience in a very short span of time. Her marvelous performance in Kesa Hai Naseeban took everyone by a storm, where she portrayed the role of an oppressed housewife facing domestic violence. From doing something as serious as that, to acting in a sitcom surely defines her capability and diversity in the area of acting. Her portrayal of Anoushey in ShahrukhkiSaliyaan deserves to be applauded.


Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan

This week’s episode of ShahrukhkiSaliyaan starts with Shahrukh trying his best to get Anoushay’s sisters married off as soon as possible, in order for him to be able to wed Anoushay, the youngest sister of all.

However, with a twist in the story, Shahrukh starts to feel ignored after Anoushay’s cousin Abu Bakr, arrives at their home. Abu Bakr is not very much welcomed by Shahrukh, as he feels jealous of his presence in the house and the attention he gets from his love interest, Anoushay.

After a lot of efforts, Shahrukh is able to set up meetings between the eligible bachelor candidates and his sisters in law, but it turns out to be a complete fail, as none of them are up to the required standards.

A hopeless Shahrukhalong with Glucose starts to roam around the streets and distributes business cards of their marriage bureau, in hopes of finding someone suitable for his to-be saliyaan.

Shahrukh is distressed about his impending failure and the anger that HawaldarMaula Bakhsh shows him, but Anoushay comforts him and they both share a cute, romantic moment, while the audience is reassured that a day will definitely come when they’ll finally get married.

Another hilarious situation that occurs is when Anoushay calls the candidatesfor marriage to her office and Komal misunderstands the situation, thinking they are for Anoushay. She starts to daydream about her and Shahrukh’s wedding as a result! She just wouldn’t give up.

Back at home, Shahrukh overhears Anoushay and Abu Bakr’s conversation and starts to think that they both are in love and creates a misunderstanding in his head. But in reality, Abu Bakr is in love with Nigar and wants to propose her for marriage.

Anushey and her sisters ask Abu Bakr to confess his love to Nigar, but as he goes to do that, he finds Nigar talking to someone else on Bluetooth, ridiculingthe person on call. Poor Abu Bakr thinks that Nigarwas addressing him, instead of the person on call, and comes out of the room, all upset.

The latest episode was filled with fun twists and twirls and we are already anticipating the next fun episode. Will Abu Bakr be able to confess his love to Nigar? Will Shahrukh’s misunderstanding go away? All this and more in the upcoming episode next week. Keep watching ShahrukhkiSaliyaan!






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