Ramz e Ishq story
Ramz e Ishq story

Ramz-e- Ishq Episode 13 in Review: Will It Ever Get Easier for Roshni?


It is not every day that we get to see dramas with massive production value, mind blowing cinematography, an ensemble cast and an extremely powerful screenplay. 7th Sky Entertainment’s masterminds Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, have brought a special and rare drama to our TV screens with Ramz-e-Ishq, which fulfills all elements of a well-produced drama serial and we are loving it so far.

Directed by Siraj-ul-Haq, the drama revolves around a love trio of three youngsters Roshni, Rayan and Rania, belonging to a modern day Nawab family. Their lives are interwoven with their parent’s past which has set the dynamics of their relationships.

The recent episode was very intense and kept us glued to the screens till the very last moment. Always on the lookout to degrade Roshni in Rayan’s eyes, Rania finally triumphed in her conniving against the innocent girl and made sure she is labelled as the thief of the royal jewelry, which to Roshni’s shock, was found from her room.

Umer who was already looking for an opportunity to get rid of Roshni used this as a reason and immediately divorced her and escaped the Haveli to reunite with her girlfriend. Roshni’s mother-in-law also refused to believe her and, in the end, it is only Rayan, who quickly apprehends this as a well-planned plot against Roshni and takes a stand for her.

It is also only Rayan, who is a witness to Roshni &Umer’s divorce while the rest of the household is still unaware of it and Rayan has directed Roshni to keep it a secret, else people will assume this to be some sort of planning between the duo.

On the other hand, Umer has cut off all connections with the people of Haveli, not taking up anyone’s calls and planning to leave the country with the love of his life while Rayan is making all efforts and using all his sources to find Umer.

Although the entire episode was very engaging but the scenes between Roshni and Rania were the best. The way Rayan was trying to calm down Roshni and assuring her that he will sort out matters between her and Umer, clearly depicted his true love for Roshni. Undoubtedly, Mikaal Zulfiqar has essayed Rayan’s role with perfection, making us fall in love with his character. Hiba Bukhari also deserves to be praised for fitting into the skin of her character as Roshni and making us admire the on-screen chemistry between the lead couple.


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