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From the makers of impactful dramas like Mera Rab Waris, Romeo Weds Heer, Dil Kiya Karey, and Ghar Titli Ka Par, comes another epic show – Munafiq that has a storyline set around a compelling and intriguing subject of hypocrisy.

Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under their production house 7th Sky Entertainment, Munafiq is written down by Huma Hina Nafees and Directed by Saleem Ghanchi. The main leads of the drama are Adeel Chaudhry, Mariyam Nafees & Fatima Effendi. At the same time, the rest of the cast includes Marina Khan, FaizanKhwaja, Sajda Syed, Mehmood Akhtar, and Seemi Pasha.

Munafiq drama geo tv cast adeel chaudhry

So far, all the episodes that aired have already hooked us to the drama.

Munafiq Drama Story

To start, the drama isn’t slow-paced and is moving comparatively fast towards plot development, which makes it interesting to watch. The first episode introduced the characters within the first 5 minutes of the drama, but it did not seem jumpy. Each character got an excellent timeframe to make a definite impact on the viewers. Within half the episode, the main idea of the drama was clear, and we knew where the show is leading us to.

Ujala, as played by Fatima Effendi, comes from a middle-class family of 2 brothers and another younger sister. Her elder brother and her father work in a factory owned by Arman (Adeel Chaudhry), who comes from a wealthy family, a strong political position, and great connections. Ujala is a self-conscious girl who is a very humble teacher and believes in living her life based on good morals while Arman lives his life playing by his own rules and cashing out on a family fortune. He is self-centered, selfish, and self-absorbed.

Munafiq drama geo tv cast Fatima Effandi


Ujala teaches her students about Munafiq, and we see Arman’s picture being painted through her words.

As the second episode aired, the plot thickened with a mishap in Arman’s factory due to a faulty machine about which the workers had made several complaints, but Arman did not care about it. The accident caused the death of Ujala’s father while her brother suffered significant burns. This episode created a rapid interest as to what is going to happen next. By the third episode, Ujala’s brother also passes away, leaving Ujala alone to take care of her family.

Ujala demands justice, claiming it is not an accident rather a murder due to the negligence of the owners. Arman tries to compensate for her loss, but Ujala wants justice.


And this is the entire plot of Munafiq detailed within three episodes. Seriously, we loved how every minute of the drama had an impact.

We also see Arman’s mother showing every bit Munafiq. She visits several nursing homes paying sympathies towards those who are all alone or left by their children. We believe she is a very kind woman, but then we see her real face as she bashes out on her ill mother in law asking the maid to keep her inside her room.

The theme of the drama reflects on Arman & his mother, and both the actors are playing their character with such finesse.

Arman also has a friend, equally dishonest and equally selfish, who is shown as a womanizer, skipping one woman to another and putting his eyes on anyone he sees. Even though we have not seen much about him in these episodes, something tells us that he is going to be Arman’s accomplice in all his crimes.

All in all, the drama has an intense story with dark characters to support the theme of the show, and we cannot wait to see how the drama will move forward.



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