Mery Pass tum ho Last Episode
Mery Pass tum ho Last Episode

Yes, drama serial Mery pass tum ho going to end on this weekend Saturday 18 Jan 2020. Now everyone is waiting to sea ending just because drama went on top position in all episodes and this huge success of Writer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar, also the cast of drama Mery Pass tum ho.

Mery Pass tum ho Story Plot

Mery Pass Tum Ho is a story about married couple Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) and Danish (Humayun Saeed) where  Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) covert her wishes for money and left his husband and start living with businessmen which role was  Shehwar ( Adnan Siddiqui) but after taking divorce from Danish she left her and she also had a son named Roomi, who is just 3 years old son of Danish and Mehwish, But she left everyone she starts living with Mr. Shehwar. with out marry him she lives in the bungalow from the last 6 month but Shehwar Wife (Sawera Nadeem)  came back to Pakistan she kick off Mehwish from his house and after losing Shehwar she starts to contact with Danish and Roomi. Here Roomi starts loving Hania(Hira Mani), She is also Roomi’s Class teacher, Other side Danish become successful people as Mehwish left her due to a low-class lifestyle. now he becomes a milliner and successful Businessman.

Mery pass tum ho last episode Mery pass tum ho last episode

Mery Pass tum ho Last Episode Story

Well, as per the last episode of Mery pass tum ho it should be very simple, as per our society and culture, A Divorce women never marry the previous husband again until then she marry with another man and get a divorce from his as per Shriya Law.

As per Mr. Khail ur Rehman Qamar he said you will be surprised at the last episode. There are two possible situations 1- Might be Danish will Marry with  Hania and live happy  life and 2nd is t Danish leave, this world might be the get death.

It can be anything now the guy you tell what will be in the last episode of Mery Pass Tum Ho ???




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