mere mohsin drama story
mere mohsin drama story

Mere Mohsin Keeps the Audience Hooked with its Brilliant Storyline


Mere Mohsin, produced under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment has been giving the audience back to back killer episode. Just when you think things might get smoother for Soha, the writers always throw another curve ball from under their sleeves. Well, we have already witnessed a major wardrobe change in Soha’s life, as she slips into complete eastern clothing. Though that might not be her biggest problem right now as last night she faced a new challenge; having to adapt to the ways of a middle-class family.

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Mery Mohsin Cast Name

Daniyal Afzal As Zain
Fazila Qazi As Aalia
Zainab As Nazo
Rabab Hashim As Soha
Shajeer Ud Din As Phuppa
Gul E Rana As Safia
Tanveer Jamal As Raza
Erum Akhtar As Jahan Ara
Kamran Jilani As Zahid
Jibran As Mohsin
Saba Hameed As Khursheed Begum
Jinaan Hussain As Batool
Nazish Jahangir As Sidra
Maryam Nafees As Nazia
Saleem Mairaj As Khalid

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Rabab Hashim brilliantly carries her character and it’s refreshing to see a character who does not easily give up to the societal pressure and succumbs to petty remarks from the in-laws. Although Soha is now gradually molding herself into the lifestyle of herin-lawsfor the sake of Mohsin, she still has the courage to confront problems head on, whenever necessary. Like in the instance where Soha marked her territory in front of Sidra, telling her to leave Mohsin alone sternly.

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The drama is well balanced too, between the protagonist and antagonist characters. Like the recent episode showcased how one sister supports her brother and wants him and his wife to live peacefully. She even went to the length of warning Mohsin to avoid any evil whispers from his mother and eldest sister. While on the other hand, Jahan Ara takesevery opportunity to create misunderstanding between Soha and Mohsin.Such adjustment is really commendable unlike other typical serials where the whole family is plotting for the downfall of the daughter in law.

Mohsin is worth praises as well. The way he tries to maintain his responsibilities between his wife and the rest of the family. However, with every passing episode it seems like his relation with his wife might be hanging by the thread. All thanks to Jahan Ara, who seems to have succeeded in her evil plans.

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Keeping up with the streak, the drama ended with another cliffhanger and we are dying to know what comes next. Will Mohsin be able to prove his innocence to Soha with regards to that certain message? And what new plot is Jahan Ara cooking? At the same time we do wonder, is Soha going to stop trusting Mohsin? All this and more will be answered in the next episode and we can’t wait to find out!

mery mohsin drama geo tv


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