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 Ghalti Drama on ARY Digital: Hira Mani and Affan Waheed set for Serial


The famous character of drama serial DO BOL which was on air on ARY DIGITAL, gone much famous and the pair of Hira Mani and Affan Waheed is again coming on new drama serial Ghalti.  lead actors Affan Waheed and Hira Mani have become TV’s most beloved couple. Fans want to see them together on-screen and hence the two were offered many roles. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait as long as we did for Mahira and Fawad to reunite, as Affan has revealed that he has signed a project with Hira Mani drama Galti.

Ghalti Cast Name

  • Affan Waheed
  • Hira Mani
  • Uzma Khan
  • Mehmood sahab

Ghalti Storyline Plot Synopsis


Affan also believes that he isn’t cut out for this kind of fame as it changes the equation for an actor.

“Trappings of stardom means nothing to me. I always say I’m not a media boy, I’m a boy in media. [Following Do Bol] People have so many expectations from me now. They have started watching my old plays; the views on them have suddenly risen. I don’t know how to deal with that and I’m still struggling. When people tell me that they like my work and I’m a star, it sounds so alien to me. But I’m just grateful to God and I feel very happy about it,” he said.

Ghalti Drama Serial is expected to air on ARY DIGITAL by the end of this month or Jan 2020.

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