Kahain Dee Jalay and Deewangi Dramas GEO TV

These Dramas Serial Kahin Deep Jalay & Deewangi are making us fall in Love with Romance All over Again!

Is it socially acceptable to give a pop culture opinion without stirring up a never-ending debate? Until some time ago, there was one opinion that all of us could agree on- that the romance genre is not all the craze that it used to be back in the days. Though, ever since the breakout of some amazing dramas on two thousand twenty , we might have to change our minds, or we can say that the numbers have spoken and have convinced us to change our minds.

Currently, some of the highest-rated and popular dramas on-air fall under this category, and we can’t deny that we are completely hooked to them. The 7th Sky Entertainment productions Kahin Deep Jalay and Deewangi are currently topping our lists. The brilliant storylines really managed to change our minds about romantic dramas as they succeeded in overcoming the lack of imagination they had previously possessed. They have made their way back to all the key factors that once used to crackle the genre, making it one of the most viewed and loved by the masses currently.

Deewangi Drama Danish Tamoor and Hiba Bukhari GEO TV

7th Sky Entertainment has done a brilliant job of bringing extremely well-executed storytelling to the small screen. With a longer running time for characters to develop, stories to unfold, and suspension to be built, they have devised a bright new formula for this genre that has managed to deliver what the audience actually wanted from it.

Kahin Deep Jalay  Neelam Muneer and Imran Ashraf

With Neelum Munir and Imran Ashraf in the lead roles, Kahin Deep Jalay has an exciting storyline, with interesting twists and turns in every episode. The family drama offers the perfect entertainment every Thursday night. Another show inline, Deewangi, has been a chartbuster ever since it first started airing. With a completely unique storyline that covers major societal issues, as well as give us an intense love story, this drama has been making rounds as one of the top-rated ones.

So we can’t wait to see where these stories would take us now. Are you ready to find out?



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