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Damsa Drama ARY Digital : Storyline, Cast, Timings, Teaser Review and OST Song Child trafficking and Abused


Damsa Drama Story
Nadia plays the role of a mother who has lost her child to trafficking

 Damsa drama is about child trafficking it is going to be on air on ARY Digital, as per NADIA JAMIL Twitter Account:

Aoa @arydigitalasia we are making one of the most legendary dramas Pakistan will ever see w you!So excited! Praying #Damsa will get a good weekend slot.Dramas like this can truly make a difference in the world! It’s a beautiful way to talk about the prevention of #ChildProtection

Actress Nadia Jamil Joins Hands With ARY Digital   For “Damsa” Drama Serial.

Damsa Teaser 1

Damsa Teaser 2

Damsa StoryLine Plot and Synopsis

Now Nadia Jamil is set to star in a drama revolving around child trafficking. she spoke about Damsa and how “it highlights the concepts of marriage, children and the dangerous reality of child trafficking.”

The storyline is based on a story about a family where Nadia Jamil is the mother of Emaan, and that his husband role is greatly done by Shahood Alvi, the girl role is performed by child star Emaan Khan.

About the character, Jamil said, “Areeja is a nurse, a simple woman whose universe is her family. Until an incident changes her world around. The transformation she goes through in looking for her daughter [named Damsa] and the determination and perseverance she discovers in herself is quite inspiring.”

“Being a mother and how loving someone the way Areeja loves Damsa can change a person. It’s the kind of love that puts everything else at risk… Quite amazing.”

The drama has been written by Asma Nabeel and is being directed by Najaf Bilgrami.


The cast of ‘Damsa


Asma Nabeel


Najaf Bilgrami

Production House

Showcase Productions


Not Yet schedule to be on air on ARY Digital Comming up.


Drama serial damsa will be on air on 8:00 PM from 2nd December 2019.


Yet to be revealed


Damsa Drama Cast name Storyline plot, wiki news, episode bites and OST Song has covered.

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